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Val Mattinson

Who Am I and How Can I Help?

I’m a coach, consultant, mentor and connector.

With an extensive past career in legal and corporate affairs and a decade of experience running a multi award winning wedding and event planning business, I now work with business owners and career movers who want to achieve their own unique version of success and enjoy a better quality of life.

During my career, I’ve come across countless business owners who’ve lost their passion and excitement for what they do while dedicating all their time and energy to their business. Many of them were physically and mentally exhausted, veering dangerously close to burnout. Almost all of them had forgotten why they got started in the first place.

As well as practical tools and strategies, I focus on wellbeing and productivity, helping you find ways to thrive and enjoy all the perks of running your own business or having a successful career without losing yourself along the way.

Giving you a clear plan and the tools you need to take each step isn’t enough – I want you to have more fun and balance in your life as a result.

Your business should add to your overall sense of wellbeing, not impede it. Alongside the material rewards of success, you deserve greater happiness, freedom, and flexibility.

After all, wasn’t that the dream when you embarked on this wild entrepreneurial rollercoaster ride?!   

business coach and consultant

"Val the benefits of working with you have been long lived with me. So much so that I still implement time blocking that you introduced me to, prioritising my work and making sure I set time aside to actually plan (which I would never have done before). This is definitely something that steers me through and helps me focus when I have big jobs on. I certainly don't feel the same levels of overwhelm that I used to struggle with prior to your wonderful guidance.

The results of working with you - I am more organised, more focused and I definitely have a better work life balance." - Sophie Cullumbine, Sophie's Flowers

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"Embarking on my business coaching sessions with the inspirational Val Mattinson has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. With her encouragement, guidance and knowledge she has given me the tools and confidence to steer my business in the right direction and totally transform my image. From time management to finding my ideal client she has been amazing since day 1. Her friendly, caring and approachable manner has made every coaching session a joy and I left every one motivated and determined to succeed. Thank you so much Val. A huge 5 star recommendation from me!"

Louise Hughes - Lush Occasions

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Business Coaching and Consultancy

Business Coaching and Consultancy

Improved productivity, greater clarity and increased confidence - Completely bespoke support and guidance to help you make progress.


Executive and Career Coaching

Executive and Career Coaching

Helping you to find your next job opportunity or career move to match your aspirations and personal requirements.


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