Val Mattinson

I’m on a mission to help others confidently build their business without losing themselves along the way.

Val Mattinson

Who Am I & How Can I Help?

I’m a Business Coach and Wellbeing Mentor.

With almost a decade of experience running a multi award winning wedding and event planning business, I now coach small business owners who want to achieve their own unique version of success and enjoy a better blend of work, rest, and play.

During my career, I’ve come across countless entrepreneurs who’ve lost their passion and excitement for what they do while dedicating all their time and energy to their business. Many of them were physically and mentally exhausted, veering dangerously close to burnout. Almost all of them had forgotten why they got started in the first place.

As well as practical tools and proven strategies, I focus on wellbeing and productivity, helping you find ways to thrive and enjoy all the perks of running your own business without losing yourself along the way.      

Giving you a clear plan and the tools you need to take each step isn’t enough – I want you to have more fun and balance in your life as a result.

Your business should add to your overall sense of wellbeing, not impede it. Alongside the material rewards of success, you deserve greater happiness, freedom, and flexibility.

After all, wasn’t that the dream when you embarked on this wild entrepreneurial rollercoaster ride?!   

business coach and mentor

"If you are looking for a business coach , you could feel overwhelmed by choices. They come in many different sizes and shapes with broad and varied skills and experience.
BUT If you want a coach with genuine passion; Bags of energy; Someone who looks at your business, but more importantly looks at you; Someone consistently generous and collaborative - this fabulous woman is for you. I highly recommend Val"

Heather Stanford, Stanford Gould


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Work with Me

Half Day Business Boost

Half Day Business Boost

Dedicate half a day to your business, set achievable goals, and create a clear plan. Ideal for both new and established business owners who are feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed.


Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Productivity, Clarity and Confidence - Completely bespoke support, guidance and mentoring to help you make progress.


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