Refresh and Shine

Spend a full day free from distractions and completely focused on the action you need to take to make the change you REALLY want.

Refresh and Shine

Losing your confidence at work or in business can have a huge impact on your career trajectory. When we don’t believe in ourselves or our abilities, we’re far more likely to hold ourselves back. This might look like letting a potential promotion pass you by or resisting challenging assignments that could help you get noticed. If you run your own business, a lack of confidence could prevent you from growing the brand or marketing it effectively and generally losing your way.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident, inspired, energised, courageous and motivated about your business or career again?

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In Need of a Refresh? It’s time to shine!

Refresh and Shine is a powerful one to one coaching experience. Spend a full day free from distractions and completely focused on the bigger picture. We will shine a light on the area of your business or career you need help with. We’ll discuss what’s working, what really lights you up and what you want to change. We’ll explore what’s getting in the way of any changes you’re longing to make and set goals designed to re-energise and re-invigorate you.

As well as improved clarity, energy and sharpened focus, you’ll come away with an agreed list of actions designed to unlock your potential and improve your motivation. The day will put a spring back into your step and give you a clear roadmap to move your business or career forward, helping you make progress where you need it most.

Who Is It For?

Talented business owners, freelancers and professionals who are:

  • looking for change
  • in need of the courage or confidence to make the change
  • ready to wave goodbye to self doubt and procrastination
  • willing to participate fully in the Refresh and Shine coaching experience.

What’s Included?

  • 30 minute on boarding call to agree on the focus for the day
  • 6 hours of 1:1 coaching in person at an agreed location with lunch
  • Following your session, you'll have access to me via Whatsapp for 7 days so you can ask any follow up questions and get any extra support you need to make a start with implementing the actions agreed during the session.

Fee: £850

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"Embarking on my business coaching sessions with the inspirational Val Mattinson has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. With her encouragement, guidance and knowledge she has given me the tools and confidence to steer my business in the right direction and totally transform my image. From time management to finding my ideal client she has been amazing since day 1. Her friendly, caring and approachable manner has made every coaching session a joy and I left every one motivated and determined to succeed. Thank you so much Val. A huge 5 star recommendation from me!" - Louise Hughes, Lush Occasions

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