Year Review and Goal Setting Toolkit

A workbook designed to lead you step by step through the three important stages of setting goals for the year ahead.

We live busy lives and for many of us, finding time to reflect on what we want from life might seem a waste of our precious time or a distraction from the other 101 things we have on our lists. But if you're not clear on what you want it's impossible to have direction - we end up going wherever life takes us. We could end up anywhere or everywhere.

Not knowing what we want also makes it hard to say "No" to others. How can we prioritise ourselves when we have nothing to work towards for ourselves? We have no reason to say no.

Having goals gives us purpose. When we know what we want, we can get focused and ask ourselves, "Does this move me towards my goals - or away from them?" If you don't know what you want, you'll end up with just what you get. Goal setting can be such a powerful process for visualising your ideal future and motivating you to make it a reality. That's why I want to give you some help.

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Year Review and Goal Setting Toolkit

I've created a comprehensive goalsetting toolkit for you. It's the complete why, what and how of goal setting. Designed to lead you step by step through the three important stages of setting goals for the year ahead:

  1. review of the last year
  2. Some important daydreaming - dreaming about and visualising your ideal future
  3. Setting specific goals that matter to you. Not goal setting for goal setting sake but goals you would be disappointed if you DIDN’T achieve.

In the toolkit, I'm encouraging you to set both personal and business goals all in the context of reflecting on what you want in life, what light's you up and what's getting in your way.

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90 Day Planning Session

You can work through the toolkit yourself or book the VIP option - a focused coaching session via video call where i help you map out your goals for the next 90 days.

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