The SEO Queen -The Story Behind The Business - Maddy Jones: Making Your Business Shine

Because when you stop and take a look around, life is pretty amazing!

The SEO Queen -The Story Behind The Business - Maddy Jones: Making Your Business Shine

The SEO Queen -The Story Behind The Business - Maddy Jones: Making Your Business Shine

Described by those who meet and work with her as a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air, Maddy Jones has a superskill of making important but often dry subjects like SEO, come to life!

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With a background in marketing and communications, Maddy is the Founder of Making Your Business Shine and specialises in working with wedding and creative businesses who have given her the nickname of "SEO Queen." She is passionate about helping businesses cut through the myriad of often complex and confusing information so they can focus on what they do best and reach their ideal clients.

The latest in our Story Behind the Business series, I'm pleased to introduce you to Maddy Jones. aka Maddy Shine.

Q. How would you describe your business in one sentence?

I help passionate creative women create a sch-mazing online presence and grow their businesses by leaving Confusionville for dust and effortlessly attracting and booking their perfect client

Q. What inspired you to start your business?

Bigger picture answer: I’ve always loved the internet and its infinite possibilities. I designed my first website when I was 16 in 1999 before most of my friends had the internet after having watched my Dad code for years as a small child. I’ve always loved promoting people I love, and believe the world can be filled by what we want to see more of what we want, which is why I believe many people start their own businesses. I particularly admire the women I meet, the brilliant self-leadership qualities it takes to start out on your own, and I love to support those women to shine.

Back in 2010, I was working in various day jobs, pretty unsatisfied like my wings were clipped and when I got engaged I became obsessed with the world of weddings and networked like crazy. I won my wedding photographer through a wedding blog, started writing for that blog as a real bride and from there launched myself into the wedding industry. I’ve been very lucky with people I’ve met along the way and my enthusiastic approach to the usually very dry topic of SEO has gone down well. In 2015 I opened up my sphere of clients to all creative women (and the occasional enthusiastic chap too!) and I love working with such a variety of brilliant people.

Q. How would you describe your typical day?

It depends if I’m travelling with meetings or events, but if I don’t, then it goes something like this…I get up around 8, I’m not an early starter. I check my Instagram as I eat breakfast, before launching into work in my home office surrounded by my favourite photos and sparkly things. I also spend time most days doing my hair and putting my face on, it’s my way of working creatively as I love to play with makeup, and also time for me to get into work mode, it’s so much more productive if I dress for work rather than working in my PJs.  I check my emails, check for updates on projects, and see if there are any questions in my free Facebook group “So Exciting Obviously SEO for Creative Women” and my private group for my SEO Course “Let’s Get You Found”.

I post to my Instagram Stories a few times throughout the day by posting updates, polls, and my dance breaks – this is where I jump around to songs I love, usually lip syncing badly and it brings me joy to do them, and luckily my audience there love them too, sometimes sending in song requests so now I have a little list of inspiration!

Maddy Jones - Making Your Business Shine

I’ll have a break for lunch where I graze (something I’m working on) and where I do some sky gazing which is where I sit and look out the window and let my mind expand and settle. It’s pretty amazing to do actually. I’ll usually write out some text from one of the Bright retreats I regularly participate in (because running your own business is a bit nuts sometimes). I then crack on with my VIP 1:1 coaching calls, or do a Facebook Live in my group, spend time liaising with my next workshop collaborator on the marketing plan, or speak with my developer about one of the websites we look after. I’ll usually spend a bit more time in my Facebook groups, before drafting some more social media posts for Instagram including seeing who has posted pink and sparkly things to my hashtag #soexcitingobviously.

If I’m not going out that night, by then my flatmate is due home so we’ll make dinner together and I teach webinars or participate in trainings in the evening before watching Netflix and going to write my To Do list for the following day and usually creative brainwaves hit quite late at night too. I really enjoy downloading my brain regularly, like Dumbledore and his Pensieve (obscure Harry Potter references for the win!). I go to sleep around 11-12.

Q. What has been the best moment of your business so far?

Ooh there’s been a few! Signing my first SEO client – Fiona Kelly Photography - was amazing and I still work with her on a monthly retainer. The first time I spoke on stage at a conference in 2015 was pretty amazing too. I thought I was going to die of nerves and spontaneously combust but it turns out I really loved it. That was in 2015, and ever since then I have been asked to speak and teach at events, podcasts and webinars around the UK and indeed internationally too. The look on people’s faces when a piece of knowledge I share clicks for them is a feeling I just love. I guess my third most favourite moment was doing a Rising Tide Instagram Story takeover for 120,000 people for a day. That was a superb rush of adrenaline and I loved it. Also, entertaining people is fun too. There’s nothing quite like making people laugh whilst they’re learning!

Maddy Jones - Making Your Business Shine

Q. What are you most excited about in your business plans for the next few months?

My 10 week SEO course Let’s Get You Found is opening again for registration soon and honestly it’s the most exciting thing. I’ve been planning it for over a year and the students who are on the beta course right now are loving life as we work together on weekly modules and exercises. It’s mega fun and I’m super excited to turn it into a key income stream as I head into 2019. I’m also excited to make more time to take off from the business because I believe this is a key part of a business plan for me. I earn so I can afford freedom, otherwise what’s the point? As I mentioned before, I participate in retreats regularly and I travel all over the world to do so. In the past seven years, I’ve spent considerable time in India, and I’ve been to Sweden and California too. They’re brilliant for mind expansion and whilst I never thought I’d be doing something like this, they’re key to my business success.

Q. Which 3 business (or other) books would you recommend to other business owners?

These 3 books have changed my mindset and my life:

Clarity in Everyday Life

One Simple Change Makes Life Easy

Era of Great Benefit

Q. If you could start your business all over again, what's the one thing you would do differently?

I wouldn’t jump in believing I could help everyone, because not everyone is a good fit and not everyone enjoys my flavour, and that’s cool. The entire world is not my target audience. I would have more courage in my natural discernment, definitely!  I also wouldn’t try and offer everything to everyone hoping and wishing, and instead use what I know from my marketing and business background and develop a plan from the start, I’ve made some expensive mistakes this way! ;)

Maddy Jones - Making Your Business Shine

Q. If you were conducting this interview, what one question would you ask?

There’s two!

What’s your favourite film soundtrack?
I’m really into the Moana soundtrack at the moment, I’m late to the game, and probably a bit older than the target audience, but hey, it’s about a woman who is brave and strong and doesn’t have a man to rescue her. I can get on board with that!


What’s your favourite tune to dance to on the dancefloor?
I can’t choose a favourite, but I make Spotify playlists for every mood and regularly dance to uplifting songs on Instagram Stories. I have a GameFace playlist for when I’m preparing to speak in public, and a You Did It playlist to celebrate afterwards!


Thank you Maddy and I'm right there with you on the Spotify playlists! I have playlists for every mood too and usually have music playing in the office whilst I work. A good dance around the office is a great way to boost energy levels especially when you find yourself having a long desk day. It's one of the things that I suggest in my 10 Things To Help You Escape That Funk to help boost energy and to stimulate creativity.

To find out more about Maddy check out her website here. I would also recommend her lively Facebook group So Exciting Obviously SEO for Creative Women. and her Instagram, Maddy Shine.

Until next time,


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