3 Ways to be More Visible Without Relying on Instagram

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3 Ways to be More Visible Without Relying on Instagram

3 Ways to be More Visible Without Relying on Instagram

You don’t need to spend much time on Instagram to notice people are struggling with the platform right now. A lot has changed in a relatively short space of time.

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Instagram makes no secret of the fact they’re prioritising ‘entertaining’ video content over still images. When you open the app, your feed is probably full of reels. This represents a huge shift and has understandably left some people feeling lost. Reach is down, it’s hard to grow and what do you post if you don’t want to dance, mime and point on video?

Luckily, Instagram isn’t, and has never been, the only way to be visible online. If you’ve fallen out of love with the app, or never really got to grips with it in the first place, this post is for you…

3 Ways to be More Visible Without Relying on Instagram

  1. Try Networking Offline
    In-person networking events are back! Networking is a crucial part of building a successful business. Not only does it make you more visible, but it also allows you to exchange ideas, find new opportunities, and expand your support network. Whether you attend a formal event like an industry conference or pop down to your local co-working space for a casual meet-up, you’re bound to expand your network and meet likeminded people. My Simple Guide to Networking for Introverts and How to Network Like a Boss should help you get started.

  2. Focus on the Platforms You Own
    Regardless of Instagram updates and algorithm changes, I would always advise you to dedicate most of your energy to the platforms you own and control. The most obvious one is your website. Blogging regularly is a great way to reach more people. As well as the obvious SEO benefits, there’s real demand for long-from content right now. If 15 second Instagram reels leave you and your audience cold, a gentle read illustrated with beautiful still images could be just what you need.

    Another option is to focus on building a mailing list. For most people, their inbox is sacred. If they invite you in, they really want you to be there. They’re your ‘superfans’! Sending regular emails is a great way to build a community that’s invested in your brand and primed to invest. On that note, you can join my mailing list here.

  3. Try Something New
    If Instagram is getting you down and no longer having the desired effect, it could be time to try something new. There are plenty of ways to share content and show up online. TikTok, YouTube, Patreon, podcasting, Substack, Medium… the options are endless. I know change can feel scary and learning new skills or techniques can be daunting, but a new creative challenge could be just what you need.

Change is the Only Constant

30-40 years ago, one of the only ways to be visible and market your business was through paid ads, either in print or on TV and radio. We’ve come a long way since the days of the Yellow Pages. In the last ten years alone, I’ve seen a lot of marketing trends come and go (and in some cases come back again). Twitter once reigned supreme and Facebook business pages could achieve great organic reach!

When it comes to the Internet, the only thing we can predict with any certainty is that it’s going to continue to change and evolve. If we want our businesses and brands to exist online, we’ve got to do our best to keep up. This doesn’t mean we have to keep using social media platforms we no longer enjoy, but it does mean we need to stay curious and be willing to experiment.

be more visible without instagram

Maybe You Just Need a Break?

There’s another factor we need to consider. After the last two years, everyone is exhausted. The world has changed dramatically in ways we don’t yet fully understand. If Instagram feels like a lot right now, maybe it’s because it is. Your brain is craving familiarity and they’re changing things on a weekly basis. Stepping away for a while might help you gain some clarity and figure out your next steps. Don’t be afraid to delete the app for a few days. Your audience will still be there when you get back.

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