Personal Branding Photography - What it is and Why you Should Consider Having it for your Business

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Personal Branding Photography - What it is and Why you Should Consider Having it for your Business

Personal Branding Photography - What it is and Why you Should Consider Having it for your Business

Today I'm interviewing one of the people responsible for all the wonderful comments and feedback I receive about my personal branding images and she's sharing the importance of having great images of you for your business.


I remember way back at the very start of my business journey getting ready to launch as a wedding planner. My focus was on getting my website launched and although I was very happy with it all as a starting point, I didn't really understand or think about the importance of personal branding. I had one traditional headshot image of me on the website. One that I loved at the time, but one which was quite corporate. I was definitely someone who felt unsure of making "me" the focus of the brand and if anything, I hid behind my logo. 

Fast forward, and I am much more confident about showing up as the head of both of my businesses and I have definitely stepped out from behind my logo. It's been an important step for me as my businesses have certainly grown and developed as a result. As they say, people buy from people!

So, the person I want to introduce to you today is someone I've had the pleasure of working with on client projects as a wedding planner on the other side of my business. as well as personal branding photography for my coaching business.  Please welcome, Megan Wilson, answering questions I think you may want to know the answers to if you've been thinking about and maybe putting off commissioning your own personal branding photography.

personal branding photographer - Megan Wilson

Q. Who is personal branding really for?

If you have a small business, a business website and social media and you have customers and want more of them, then personal branding is for you. Whether you’re a one-person show or have a small team of talented people helping you serve your customers then you need great images to show your business’ personality, your story and the lovely human or humans behind it. You are your business and your customers want to see YOU!

personal branding photography

Q. Why do I need branding photographs?

Personal branding isn’t about getting a cookie cutter impersonal corporate head shot. Personal branding is -just as it says in the name - personal! A personal branding photographer specialises in telling the story of your business and creating images that show you and all the amazing work that you do. As much as I love a good selfie, I think that having professional images taken by someone you trust and feel comfortable with really showcases the best of you and your business. There’s something about sharp, high res images that just shouts professionalism and I think customers can see and appreciate the difference between quality image versus a grainy phone photo.

personal branding photographer

There are lots of reasons why you might need personal branding photos. Perhaps you’ve started a new business venture? Or you’ve revamped your website? Or you’re constantly running out of quality social media content? Or you’re struggling to share your personality through your brand? Or perhaps it’s as simple as you don’t have enough good images of your work/creations?

These are all great reasons to get some stellar photos of you and your business!

Q. What should I do to prepare?

Each photographer will have their own style and approach but my personal approach is to have a discovery call. The purpose of a discovery call is to get to know my client, what they do, hear their business story and chat about what they’d like to use the images for. I feel this really helps guide my approach to the shoot so I can focus on what matters. Every shoot is different since every business is unique and therefore has unique needs. I think the best way to prepare is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where would I like to use the images?
  • What would my potential clients like to see - behind the scenes? more photos of me? my team? my materials? my workspace?
  • What words do I use to describe my business?
  • What do I post regularly about on social media?
  • Do I have any events coming up?

The answers to those questions should give you a good idea of what your needs are as well as the look and feel of the images you want to get. You can use this to guide decisions like location, wardrobe etc.

personal branding photographer

Q. How should I use the photos?

Images can be a powerful way to communicate to an audience and to grab attention so I’d suggest using them wherever you think your potential clients will see them! Consider updating your website, social media as well as any marketing materials that you send or give to clients.

personal branding photographer

personal branding photographer

Q. What should I expect to pay?

This is a tough question since branding photographers have such varied rates depending on what they offer and their experience. You could get a 30 minute session for as little as £50 or pay over £1000 for full day, multi-location shoots. Of course budget is a consideration but I’d say you should also think about the following two things when choosing your photographer:

  1. Style of photography - every photographer brings their own unique style to their images so it’s important you like the look of their images. Do you prefer light and airy? Dark and moody? Arty? Natural? Bold? There are loads of styles to choose from so do a little research before choosing.

  2. Feeling comfortable around the photographer - you don’t have to be besties but I think it’s really important that you feel relaxed around the person taking your photo. I totally understand how intimidating it can be to be in front of a camera and it makes a huge difference if the person behind the camera puts you at ease. So pick someone you think you’ll get along with and definitely have a call with them or meet up for a cuppa beforehand - this definitely helps break the ice!

Megan Wilson - Captured by Megan Wilson.

personal branding photography 

Head over to Megan's website to find out more about her personal branding photography services.


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