Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – 3 Tips to Help You Believe in Yourself

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – 3 Tips to Help You Believe in Yourself

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – 3 Tips to Help You Believe in Yourself

When it comes to running your business, do you ever feel like a fraud? Do you believe you are unworthy of praise or that your success so far has been some kind of fluke? Are you waiting to be ‘found out’, convinced you’re not as good as everyone seems to think you are?

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This is imposter syndrome – the feeling that no matter how much progress you make or success you achieve, you don’t truly deserve your accomplishments. So, what you can do about it?

Journal It Out

As you probably know by now, I’m a big believer in the power of journaling. Whether you’re dealing with imposter syndrome or another difficult emotion, getting your feelings down on paper is bound to help. I find writing allows me to become more objective about my thoughts, separating fact from fiction, and encouraging me to look for evidence to support or disprove my beliefs. 

Celebrate Wins and Collect Positive Feedback

When your inner critic strikes, it can be hard to fight back, but tangible evidence and real-life examples of your knowledge and success are hard to dispute. Here are some things to try if imposter syndrome is becoming a common recurrence:

  • Find small ways to make a big deal of every business win. Prosecco celebrations are my thing! Try popping some bubbly when you land a new client. Mark the end of a big project with a slap-up meal or have a quick kitchen dance when you meet a deadline (I do this a lot, much to my husband’s amusement!). Then, when imposterism strikes, try to recall these moments and remember how they felt.
  • Create what I call a ‘smile file’ – a digital or physical folder filled with positive feedback and testimonials from clients. When your confidence wavers, read through their words and try to see yourself through their eyes.
  • Keep your portfolio and/or press page updated. Revisit previous work and glowing coverage whenever you need a boost. You may be feeling like an imposter, but what does this evidence tell you?

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Reach Out to Others

Would you believe the writer Maya Angelou, physicist Albert Einstein and First Lady Michelle Obama all felt their work didn’t deserve the attention and acclaim it received? Crazy, right?! Achievements like theirs are uncommon but feelings of inadequacy are not. Talking to other business owners is a great way to reduce imposter syndrome. It may never disappear completely, but confidence can be gained from sharing your experiences with others and realising you’re not alone. 

If You Do One Thing This Week…

Start a conversation about imposter syndrome with a friend or colleague in real life or online. Ask them what they do when their inner critic shows up. Can you learn anything from them about dealing with your own imposterism? How would you encourage them when they’re experiencing similar? 

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