Have you Lost Your Business Mojo?

Have the courage to make the changes YOU deserve!

Have you Lost Your Business Mojo?

Have you Lost Your Business Mojo?

Earlier this month I received a call from someone who is feeling incredibly deflated about their business. The thing is, if you took a look at their beautiful website and fabulous social media accounts and (more importantly their fit to bursting order book!) you would probably be stumped by why they're feeling this way.

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The business is doing very well but they're just not very excited about any of it anymore. Behind the apparent successful exterior of their business is someone who isn't sleeping very well, feels constantly drained - drained of energy, time and is definitely NOT excited or enthusiastic about their business. They described being overwhelmed by never-ending to-do lists and having absolutely no idea why they're actually doing "this" anymore! Most days they get up, think about work, then they "work, work, work" until it's time to go to bed. Then up again to do it all over again!

Does this sound familiar to you?

I've certainly had times along my business journey where I've felt like this and it's something that can so easily be turned around. Putting some routine into your working day which includes a definite start and end time all framed with realistic To Do lists will help. It's a good start but that in itself isn't enough.

If I asked you today to describe your vision for your business and the lifestyle you want could you describe it? If so, do you have a clear plan to help you realise that vision? When you get to the end of each month do you set yourself new goals for the following month to help you get closer to your vision?

Working 24/7, being busy all the time and always being driven by everyone else's deadlines and requests can lead to loss of enthusiasm, burnout and leave you wondering where your business mojo has disappeared to. Take some time away from the business to remind yourself why you started the business in the first place and to remind yourself of what you've achieved so far. It might be just what you need to help you to refocus and to be excited about your business again!


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