Business Struggles: Above and Beyond The Kitchen Table: A Supportive Community for Small Business Owners

Because when you stop and take a look around, life is pretty amazing!

Business Struggles: Above and Beyond The Kitchen Table: A Supportive Community for Small Business Owners

Business Struggles: Above and Beyond The Kitchen Table: A Supportive Community for Small Business Owners

Running your own business is exciting but it can also feel pretty lonely and isolating at times.

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Like nothing else I've ever experienced

All words used by a random selection of business owners I asked over the past few days to describe what it's like to run their own business.

My experience? All of the above have applied at some point and that's why I believe it's SO important to surround yourself with those who get it. Those with whom you can share your experiences, successes and also the challenges

So, if you're looking for a source of regular inspiration, motivation and support to help you along your business journey.....

....come and join our Facebook group Above and Beyond The Kitchen Table.

It's a great place to network with other business owners, find support, encouragement and a regular input of inspiration.

You can use the group as a place to share your ideas, find inspiration and be around other business owners. Enjoy taking part in the discussion, sharing your business stories and questions.

We don't have too many restictions or tough rules in the group just these two simple ones:

  • There’s no such thing as a silly question! Ask away - If you need to know, the chances are, someone else will need to know too!, and

  • No promotional posts unless they’re in response to a request for a recommendation or as part of a regular request for members to share their work. This is to make sure the group doesn't become yet another spammy on line group (there are far too many of those around!)

The group is a great place to find support, ideas and inspiration to help you with the highs and challenges of running your own business. But don’t just take my word for it....Here's what some of the members of Above and Beyond The Kitchen Table say about being a member of the group:

“I value the experience and knowledge that the vast range of people bring to the group and that they are willing to share it with sincerity and generosity. I love the feeling of support the group gives, the people in it and how you develop an atmosphere of encouragement, energy and positivity.” - Lorena

"Above and Beyond the Kitchen Table is a wonderful, supportive and safe environment full of fab small business owners who all have a wealth of experience to share and learn from each other. There's always a fantastic energy in this group and I am really happy to be one of the members. Val has a wonderful way of connecting like minded business peeps while still managing the group and leading us with ideas and creative input and I've made some brilliant connections and biz friends by being a member too" - Jacqueline

"Above and beyond is an awesome group. The members actually use it to help, encourage and support each other. It's a go to tool when looking for ideas, solutions, recommendations and more. Val isn't just an admin that creates a group and then stays in the background like other group admins. She is there to offer her experience, ideas and constant encouragement, all while running her other businesses. Starting this group was her brainstorm and one of her best ideas". - Ann

So, head over now and join us!


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