Business Coaching: Latest Client Review - Nadia Di Tullio Steele

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Business Coaching: Latest Client Review - Nadia Di Tullio Steele

Business Coaching: Latest Client Review - Nadia Di Tullio Steele

I'm thrilled to share this lovely testimonial from one of my incredible clients who runs an award winning creative business.

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Nadia is one of my 4 month coaching programme clients and is an award winning floral designer and owner of Nadia Di Tullio Flowers and Brown Box Flowers.

“I have always loved to make and create for as long as I can remember. I’d like to think it comes naturally and I enjoy the whole process from conception to completion.

Practical thinking and background administration on the other hand is most definitely NOT my thing. It’s something that I struggle with daily and while I joke and excuse myself with light hearted banter about this, it really isn’t funny. And I believe it’s been the key factor holding me back from getting the most out of my businesses.

When I decided to approach Val, my husband and I were in the ideas stage of a new business, we needed a practical steer on how to make the idea a reality. I’m really pleased to say the ‘idea’ is now a fully functioning business and we are seeing it grow on a monthly basis. It’s fair to say we wouldn’t have gotten to this point without Val’s support, knowledge and helpful strategies.

While I still have a little further to travel on my journey to ‘the practical side’ I’m thrilled to say Val will be with me every step of the way, guiding me and my husband through the pit falls and peaks of owning your own business and being self employed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Val to anyone who needs this mentoring. She has insights and methods I’ve witness others use but didn’t feel were for me, but her kind and friendly approach has made these processes palatable and ‘do-able’.

I’m thoroughly looking forwards to my next instalment with Val once the wedding season has calmed and I have a few new challenges to conquer!

Thanks a mill Val! - Nadia"

If you would like to explore working with me on one of my personalised 1-2-1 coaching programmes, please get in touch.


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