Half Day Business Boost

Dedicate half a day to your business, set achievable goals, and create a clear plan. Ideal for both new and established business owners who are feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed.

Half Day Business Boost

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or lost? Maybe your business isn’t making the kind of money you want, or perhaps your work/life balance is seriously out of whack?

Whatever you’re struggling with, I can help.

A half day Business Boost is your chance to concentrate on a key area of your business, tackle a specific challenge, or prepare for a new project. During your bespoke 1:1 coaching experience, we can brainstorm ideas, set achievable goals, and create a plan.

Together, we’ll figure out your business blocks, break them down, and rebuild your confidence. As well as improved clarity and focus, you’ll come away with a clear strategy and an agreed list of actions designed to move your business forward.

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Who Is It For?

Every entrepreneur can benefit from this kind of focussed help, but it’s particularly useful for new and established business owners who feel as if they’re floundering.

What’s included?

  • A detailed questionnaire and induction pack to help you prepare for your Business Boost
  • A 60-minute consultation call to discuss your business needs and agree a focus for the day, ensuring it’s truly bespoke.
  • 3 ½ hours of 1:1 coaching at an agreed location. Your session will include tea and coffee
  • Following your session, we’ll arrange a 60-minute consultation call to check your progress and keep you accountable.



creative business coach - client review

"Val Mattinson is absolutely fantastic. Investing in yourself through coaching can be scary but I do not regret it at all. It has been one of the smartest business moves I have ever made. Val is clear, objective, asks a lot of very useful questions and always takes into account what it is YOU need considering your goals and life situation.

I am only part way through my coaching and I already have more clarity, direction and confidence that my business is going to blossom. Thanks Val!

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