Business Boost - Full Day

"Starve your distractions, feed your focus." - Jay Shetty

Business Boost - Full Day

The chance to focus 100% on you and your business with this tailored full day coaching experience

Why not spend a full day away from your office or studio and free from distractions. On a VIP Strategy Day we will focus 100% on you and your business. This is perfect as part of an annual review of your business or to help you put a plan and strategy in place to develop a particular area of your business or new project.

Ahead of the day you will have an introductory call to give you the opportunity to tell me about your business and to discuss topics to be covered to ensure that your Strategy Day is tailored specifically to you and your business.

Investment: From £1500


Are you ready to get laser focused on making your business work for YOU?

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