Full Day Business Boost

Spend a full day reviewing your business, brainstorming ideas, and making progress where you need it most.

Full Day Business Boost

When was the last time you worked on your business instead of in it?

I know what it’s like, I’ve been there. You’re busy, consumed by the day-to-day tasks that keep your business ticking over. But how will you know where you’re going, or how you’ll get there, if you rarely step away from your desk?

creative business coach and mentor

It’s time to make time.

Business Boost is an intensive 1:1 coaching experience – an opportunity to spend a full day away from your office or studio, free from distractions, and completely focused on the bigger picture. As well as improved clarity and focus, you’ll come away with an agreed list of actions designed to move your business forward.

Who Is It For?

Time-poor entrepreneurs and established business owners who want to review their business in full or prepare for important changes. It’s perfect if you’re planning a new direction, an exciting launch, or a big rebrand.

What’s Included?

  • A detailed questionnaire and induction pack to help you prepare for your Business Boost.
  • A 60-minute consultation call to discuss your business needs and agree a focus for the day, ensuring it’s truly bespoke.
  • A full day of 1:1 coaching at an agreed location. Your session will run from 10am-5pm and include a working lunch and refreshments.
  • Following your session, we’ll arrange a 60-minute consultation call to check your progress and keep you accountable.



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