Reignite, Spark & Flourish

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.

Reignite, Spark & Flourish

My signature 4 month coaching programme for business owners who need a plan with clear accountability

Do you feel frustrated by not getting the results in your business you crave? Are you absolutely shattered, working hard all the time but feel like you have little or nothing to show for it? Do you want to grow or change the direction of your business, or maybe you know what you need to do but you struggle to actually get it done.

How would you feel about having a clear vision for your life not just your business? I don't know about you but I work to LIVE and not just live to work. I absolutely LOVE what I do but I have a clear vision for the kind of life that I want for me and my family and my business vision is about making sure I achieve that.

What would it feel like to reignite the passion you once had for your business and to rediscover that creative spark? To have a plan with accountability designed to help you and your business to flourish and with goals that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

Reignite Spark Flourish is my VIP coaching programme. 4 month 1 to 1 coaching with me and includes:

  • An initial Discovery Call to ensure the coaching is tailored to what you need
  • An Introductory Pack designed to get you prepared to start your coaching
  • 10 x one hour weekly coaching sessions
  • Ongoing support - Unlimited and private access to me via email in between coaching sessions if you need help to keep you moving forward
  • A welcome gift - Just because!

Each session will be via Zoom or Skype, helping you to focus and plan them in with ease. In person sessions are also available.

Investment : from £750 per month for 4 months


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"When I decided to approach Val, my husband and I were in the ideas stage of a new business, we needed a practical steer on how to make the idea a reality. I’m really pleased to say the ‘idea’ is now a fully functioning business and we are seeing it grow on a monthly basis. It’s fair to say we wouldn’t have gotten to this point without Val’s support, knowledge and helpful strategies.

While I still have a little further to travel on my journey to ‘the practical side’ I’m thrilled to say Val will be with me every step of the way, guiding me and my husband through the pit falls and peaks of owning your own business and being self employed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Val to anyone who needs this mentoring. She has insights and methods I’ve witness others use but didn’t feel were for me, but her kind and friendly approach has made these processes palatable and ‘do-able’."

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