Executive and Career Coaching

Helping you to find your next job opportunity or career move to match your aspirations and personal requirements.

Executive and Career Coaching

I work with entrepreneurs, executives and career movers through coaching and consulting to deal with their internal gremlins, enabling them to seize their life and career opportunities with both hands!

I have 20 years of experience working in local government, legal and corporate affairs and 11 years of consultancy and running my own business. Before running my own business, climbing the career ladder seizing opportunities and growing in confidence to apply and secure new roles meant that I enjoyed a successful senior management, legal and corporate affairs career. I also held many executive and other board level positions.

Job hunting and changing careers can be an exciting time but searching and considering new job opportunities or taking a step up the career ladder can also feel daunting and even worrying.

As your career coach, I'll support you through a programme designed to help you make your next move and achieve your goals. We'll work together to explore not only what you have to offer but what you truly want from your next job or career move. With a focus on improving mindset and resilience, increasing confidence and productivity I’ll help you to find ways to thrive rather than just survive at work.

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Who Is It For?

This is not an exhaustive list but here are a few scenarios where my career coaching can help:

  • you have lost your 'mojo' or are just unsure about your next career move
  • you don’t feel you’re in a role that reflects your talents or no longer suits you
  • you have been made redundant or otherwise find yourself ready to consider a new role
  • you are considering a complete change of career or perhaps considering going freelance or starting your own business
  • you lack confidence and need support to help you go for that dream job or new role.

What’s Included?

Your career coaching programme will be specifically designed to meet your requirements but here are a few examples of the elements it might include:

  • Self Assessment and Skills Evaluation
    We'll explore who you are, what lights you up, the skills, experience and talents you have to offer plus what you're looking for from your next job or career move.

  • The Importance and Power of Good Networking
    Building relationships, developing reciprocity, getting known and trusted for what you do, are all products of good networking and an important part of exploring the job market.

  • How to Market Yourself with Confidence
    We'll begin by identifying potential employers that match the outcome of your Self Assessment and Skills Evaluation and then work on how to put your best foot forward.

    This includes:
    - how to adapt your CV
    - completing applications
    - writing strong covering letters
    - Interview preparation and presentation rehearsal, and
    - conquering interview nerves.

This is a completely tailored service depending on your requirements. Book a no obligation Clarity Call to discuss your next career move and how I can help.

Career Strategy Session

Designed to help you make your next move and achieve your goals. We'll discuss what you have to offer and how best to align your experience, skills and passions to make your next career move.

If you're looking for some immediate help why not book a Career Strategy Session with me. Use this two hour intensive session to help you take steps to get your career headed in the right direction. 

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching - Develop your staff, boost your business!

I work with individuals, companies and HR teams to develop talent and drive performance.

With a focus on improving mindset and resilience, increasing confidence and productivity, I help people to thrive, rather than just survive at work.

I help my clients make changes in their mindset, progress in their career and in their personal lives by strategies and tools designed to make a difference and long-term impact. I help them:

  • Manage career changes and to transition with confidence
  • Develop self-confidence, personal awareness and leadership skills
  • Learn how to work smarter
  • Manage procrastination and increase productivity
  • Reduce stress at work
  • Improve their work/life balance. Learn how to work smarter

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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